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You have several options for how to pay your bill. Review the methods described in this section to find the one that's best for you.

Online Payments


AutoPay allows you to have your payment automatically debited on the same date each month from the checking, savings or money market account of your choice. Enrolling in AutoPay is free and easy. Setup now.


With AutoPay, your mortgage is paid on the same day every month. With an online One-Time Payment, you decide what day to pay it. The 5th this month? Go ahead. The 7th next month? It's up to you.

Please make sure to schedule your online payment before your due date or within your grace period to avoid late fees.

The Smart Calendar can give you a breakdown of your payment period, including the grace period for each billing cycle, when the late fee kicks in, and other important information.

After you figure out the payment amount and payment date, then you just need to select an account to pay from to finish the process. `

If you need to add an account, it's quick and easy. First click "Add an account." Specify your account type, enter the routing number and account number, then confirm the account number by entering it in the last field as shown here:

If you have multiple loans, you can easily toggle between them to make payments and perform all other tasks. Towards the upper left of your account page, just click the loan number beneath the Veterans United logo. A menu listing all your loans will pop out, and you can select the one you want to view as shown below.

Pay by Mail

Simply detach the coupon located on the bottom of your statement and mail it with your check or money order in the envelope provided. If you do not have the billing coupon, you can still send your payment to the address below. Just be sure and write your loan number on the check or money order.

Pay to: Veterans United

Mail to:
Veterans United
P.O. Box 650114
Dallas, TX 75265-0114

Please call 855-683-3101 with any questions about payments.

Once we receive your payment it may take a few days to process, but there's no need to worry. Your payment will be credited to your account the day we receive it.

Pay by Phone

Simply call 855-683-3101 to make a payment through the automated Pay by Phone system. Please have your account number and last four digits of your social security number ready and follow the instructions.

You can also pay your bill over the phone by talking to a representative. Just call 855-683-3101. With this method a fee up to may apply.

Other Payment Option

MoneyGram ExpressPayment

This option is available to ensure same-day delivery of your payment. Call 1-800-926-9400 or visit to locate the nearest MoneyGram agent.

Once you've arrived at your nearest agent's office, complete a blue ExpressPayment form, providing your name and your loan number. The MoneyGram Receive Code is 16501. You will need this code to ensure that your payment reaches Veterans United. All ExpressPayment transactions require cash, and you will be assessed a fee by MoneyGram for this service.

Late Payment

We understand that even with your best efforts, it can sometimes be difficult to make a payment on time. In this case the best thing you can do is to let us know as soon as you can that there might be an issue. We have a variety of ways to work something out, so you can focus on getting things back in order. Please call us at 855-683-3101.

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